Independent Clients

Everyone needs a best friend who can explain concepts like the difference between the various investment vehicles, tax structures and insurance policies and who knows which investment fund best suits your goals and lifestyle. That friend is A S Sure Investment Services. Working closely with you, we create a holistic financial plan that not only suits your current lifestyle, but also considers and accommodates your future needs to help you build security for the future.

Local and Offshore Investing

The key to building a balanced investment portfolio is diversification – across funds but also across borders. Think of it as putting your eggs in multiple baskets, in different countries. Many people are unsure of how to go about investing offshore, or why this can be an integral part of their investment plan. A S Sure can address these concerns and assist you every step of the way – from planning right through to implimentation. Building a diversified portfolio and growing your wealth is best achieved by gaining exposure to both local and global markets, and holding part of your portfolio in stronger currencies. This protects your wealth against a potential drop in a single currency, while giving you more ways to grow your nest egg.

Retirement Planning

You’ve worked hard to create your wealth, and you deserve to retire and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Let us help you plan for your retirement, to ensure that you have a strong retirement savings policy, your children’s education is covered, and you have all the stepping-stones in place to reach the retirement you’ve always dreamed of. When you approach retirement, we will assist you in converting your retirement savings into a monthly income while ensuring that you do not outlive your savings.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is exactly as it sounds: Creating a plan for how your estate will be divided when you are no longer there. Now, we know that death is a difficult topic – but when you partner with A S Sure, estate planning doesn’t have to be. We take a simple and caring approach to estate planning, ensuring that your loved ones are taken care of when you are no longer there to support them. From ensuring that you have a will that is updated (and stays updated) to doing the necessary liquidity and estate duty calculations – we take care of every aspect, so that you can focus on the present and live a beautiful worry-free life.

Health Care

Ask yourself this: What is the point of a financial plan, if you run the risk of spending all your hard-earned wealth on a hospital visit? A part of holistic wellbeing that a lot of financial advisors don’t always talk about is health care. But not us. We believe that taking care of your personal well-being is just as important as taking care of your financial wellness. Working closely with you, we create a single, holistic plan that considers all aspects of your present and future: From finding the most appropriate medical aid scheme and plan type, to exploring gap cover options to help you cover any financial shortfalls.

Personal & Corporate Assurance

Imagine how boring life would be if you could predict every twist and turn. To help you better enjoy the ups, let us help you prepare for the downs. A S Sure Investment Services offers a wide range of personal and corporate assurance solutions, to ensure that your interests are protected, regardless of what life may throw your way. Let’s work together to craft a plan that offers you personalised:

  • Life Cover
  • Disability Cover
  • Income Protection
  • Dread Disease Cover
  • Keyman Insurance
  • Buy & Sell Policy

SA Corporate Banking & Forex

We have partnered with Investec Private Bank to setup a wide range of Money Market Accounts for our clients. These accounts can be used as a savings facility or as a parking account for funds ahead of transferring them to an offshore policy. We have both ZAR and USD accounts available, and have the capabilities to do forex transfers for our clients at highly competitive rates in all currencies.

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